Call for Free, France Phones / Low Cost Internet Telephony

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Unlimited Phone Calls For Free to France Landline Phones, from your mobile phones, PC or landline phones from any part of the world!

Localphone is UK based mobile low cost international calls (cheap international calls) provider, they are the specialists in VoIP calls technology and provide one of the best and cheap calls on mobile phones.

Last Week they have given away absolutely free voice calls to Poland from anywhere, now this is the turn of Paris and France telephones. Yes there is a promo for full ONE WEEK in which you can make unlimited free call to French landline phones, the promo is as:

Starts 12pm (Noon) GMT 9th March until 12pm (Noon) GMT 16th March, 2012, after that normal calling rates to France landline will apply,

Free calls to landlines in France until 16th March 2012

Salient Features:

- In addition to free 1 week French calling, an all time, ever going, 5 minutes free VoIP international calls to test the quality and genuineness,
- No credit card or such info needed to test the free overseas (free international calls) or any calls,
- You can make VoIP and SIP calls,
- After end of the French free phone calling, the cheap calling rates start as low as 0.5 cents a minutes and depends on country and location,
- International text messages starts from 2.7 cents a minute,
- You can anytime top up or recharge your credit or account with only $1,
- There is no expiry of your credit amount present in your account,
- No connection fees, No fine prints, no hidden charges, no contracts,
- It is PAYG (pay as you go), pay for actual call timings, that's it,
- Earn free credits by referring to anybody and make free international calls, thats way too : )
- calls can be done from PC, landline or ANY existing mobile, no need for a new expensive smart cell phone/mobile or a new SIM etc., in fact no internet is needed to call the world for low cost on the go,
- There is also a money back guarantee attached, if you are for any reasons dissatisfied with them,
- LocalPhone is a secure and 'Green' company and its servers are located in carbon-neutral facility in Amsterdam! They are the member of ITSPA (internet telephony service providers' association),
- Finally, they have a great call quality, used by me too : )

Macsot MR-700 High Quality wireless microphone

This is collected by the Macsot MR-700 wireless microphone system launch of the circuit for maintenance reference. High Quality Audio on receiver output.

Active components:
  • Microphone or Audio Preamplifier with IC MC4458
  • Dynamic Audio processed with one NE571 From Philips
  • Frequency Oscillator generated by one crystal 20.05 MHz and Varactor diode 2CB11A. No drift frequency is guaranted.
  • 9V DC power supply or battery. Source: High Quality wireless microphone

MC1374 TV RF Modulator

The MC1374 includes an FM audio modulator, sound carrier oscillator, RF oscillator, and RF dual input modulator. It is designed to generate a TV signal from audio and video inputs. This TV RF modulator based MC1374 IC from Motorola with wide dynamic range and low distortion audio make it particularly well suited for applications such as video tape recorders, video disc players, TV games and subscription decoders.

The IC features:
* Single Supply, 5.0 V to 12 V
* Channel 3 or 4 Operation
* Variable Gain TV RF Modulator
* Wide Dynamic Range
* Low Intermodulation Distortion
* Positive or Negative Sync
* Low Audio Distortion
* Few External Components